For women who own and run their own business, understanding that your brand is as important for success as it is for larger enterprises.

If your brand is to become a trusted name you must deliver the same experience to your audience across all your social media platforms and website.  And, it must be replicated in other marketing material and strategies.

If you’re not happy with your current brand then a BRAND REFRESH will allow you to make little tweaks and changes over time, eventually aligning it with your vision and values. This is great if your budget is tight or you find the whole branding process overwhelming.

A REBRAND on the other hand is a complete overhaul, which is way more dramatic, more costly and definitely more time consuming.

Here are some signs that it’s time to refresh your brand.

Your brand is currently a mish mash of fonts and colours across your marketing?

  • Decide on 2 or 3 fonts & colours that either harmonise together or are contrasting (stalk IG for inspiration)
  • Set up branded graphic templates in Canva so you can pump out quotes and posts on social media
  • Set up your Brand Kit in Canva to store your brand colours and fonts to quickly apply to the above templates
  • Store the templates in named Canva folders for easy access
  • Use free stock image sites like Unsplash or Pexels and set up a Collections folder/s
  • Search for images that align with your brand in hues that will work with your brand colours
  • Store them in your collections folder for easy access
  • Use the same look across all your other marketing material and website

Are you sending conflicting messages?

  • Drill down to what it is you want to say to your audience
  • Make it absolutely clear so they will easily understand your message
  • Choose keywords that you’ll use throughout your messages that they will identify with

Is your content’s Tone of Voice consistent?

  • This can be a problem if several people in your business, or if you outsource, write copy for posts, blogs, articles and newsletters
  • Have either one person do it consistently or set some strict TOV guidelines for them to follow
  • Proof-read and edit if necessary

Are you talking to the wrong people?

  • Have you done an analysis on who your audience is
  • Do you understand their persona
  • What questions do they need answering
  • What problem needs solving

Do you know your niche market?

  • What area/field/industry do you work in
  • Who do you work with
  • What is it that you do for them
  • What is it that they want from you

Is traction and engagement low?

  • Are you posting madly each day but getting very little love back in return
  • See the the above points
  • Are you spreading yourself too thin and not appealing to the right audience.

Are you not attracting new customers?

  • Ditto!

So, if you think your current image isn’t getting the results you want then give it a refresh.

Once you’ve decided on the above points and implemented them, the next step is to be consistent with it.  This will ensure your business, over time, becomes a trusted and recognised brand.

(and speaking of brands, pop back at the end of January because I’m doing a Refresh of my website and it’ll be up and live then, yay)

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