Creating, sharing and monitoring your social media content for strategic growth and results

 I work with women business owners who have been operating for at least three years.
They are dynamic, determined women with a vision, and literally did the hard yards to get to where they are today.

Now, with a steady income and a solid client base, they want some ‘me time’ balance in their lives to spend with their family, or focus on other aspects of their business.
Often, the first thing they outsource is their social and digital marketing. This can be nerve-racking, but they figure that something has to give before they burn out.

As a freelance social media manager, I fill this gap for them.

With over 20 years of traditional and digital marketing experience, I work alongside my clients fulfilling an important role to help them grow their business further.

From setting up social media accounts for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube to raising their online presence through creative content, a bespoke marketing strategy and monthly analytic reports, I help businesses gain more traction, engagement and exposure online.

Here’s a clearer picture of the services I offer, and the help you’ll get from me as

your social media manager

Here’s a clearer picture of the services I offer, and the help you’ll get from me as your social media manager

Social media management – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn

My purpose in life is to help savvy women business owners grow their online presence with quality social media management, content creation and email marketing.

By working with your goals, your social media’s past performance and marketing insights, I’ll develop a social media strategy to map out the best way forward for your business’ success.

Does having someone else handle your social media sound like a dream come true? Or, do you love doing it yourself, but could use an experienced pair of hands for extra support?  Whatever your preference, I can optimise your platforms, create high quality content, develop your strategy, research trending and relevant hashtags and post it all on your chosen platforms. And, every four weeks you will receive a report on how your socials have performed.


Email marketing – ActiveCampaign and MailChimp

If there is no email marketing set up and you wish to start doing email automations and newsletter campaigns, then I can initiate and manage this for you.

If you have your email marketing set up, then I can help by setting up automations, newsletter campaigns, managing the backend, audience lists and provide performance reports

Content marketing

I am skilled in writing content across all platforms, creating beautiful Canva graphics and templates for all social media requirements, download and upload videos from Facebook to Stories, IGTV and YouTube. I am proficient with Reels from editing videos to the required length in Inshot, adding music, filters, captions, emojis and posting to Reels and your IG feed.

It’s been a real game changer having Lisa Giovine on the team.

She competently and efficiently handles all the mechanics behind our online business: posting and advertising on Facebook and YouTube, managing our email automations, and setting up the infrastructure and processes to launch new lead magnets and products.

My time has been freed up to create content and bring in the income!

Wendy Seabrook

Owner, Learning from Nature

Lisa is helpful, friendly, professional and full of great ideas for my business.

Her knowledge of social media and marketing is just what I need and I’ve noticed an increase in page views and engagement.

Fiona D Speedie

Director, Fiona D Speedie Leadership Consulting

My 3 Step Signature Process


Let’s get started!

Our initial meeting with be either virtual or face to face, where we’ll discuss your needs and how I can help you manage and grow your social media, email marketing, blogs and any other forms of marketing. I’ll then prepare a custom proposal for you based on that conversation. You’ll sign my agreement and fill in a few forms (including sharing login info) so I have all the information I need to set you up in my system



I’ll get to work!

Next, and this is where the fun starts! I’ll do an audit of your social media presence and review all other marketing material. This will be the start of the benchmarking process and I will then create your custom strategy and content calendar.



Creation & Management

Thirdly, I get really busy and stuck into creating the content for your socials and working on any other marketing tasks we’ve agreed upon. I do these in 2 week batches in a Google doc that we share. You review it and make any changes that you wish. Once approved I schedule these out across the relevant social media channels and marketing automation tools.
This process then continues to happen every two weeks and we monitor and adjust to get the most out of your socials and related marketing.

Let’s Chat.

Get in touch to schedule your appointment today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you do a one off hour for me?

I don’t work for less than 2 hours a week for regular ongoing work, nor less than 3 hours for a short-term project.

Do you do admin or data entry?

I don’t do administration work, data inputting or any type of work along those lines. I am strictly a social media, content and marketing manager. 

How do you invoice & do you have a minimum term?

When carrying out any work for clients, I maintain a working sheet to log time in 15-minute increments. An invoice is sent to you either every four weeks, or on completion of short-term contracts. 

There is no set minimum term, but I suggest you commit to a minimum of 3 to 6 months as social media is a marathon not a sprint, and you need to give it a bit of time to see the benefits. I do have a stipulation of a 30-day cancellation period for both parties. 

What happens after I accept the quote?

When a quote has been accepted I will then send you the Welcome pack which includes a contract agreement, internet marketing assessment and a client intake questionnaire.

Who do you work with?

I work with women who are product and service base business owners, coaches, speakers, transformation catalysts, and creatives who have run their business for at least 3 years, and are now in a position to lighten their load and entrust their social media management to a freelance specialist.

Does this apply to any industry?

Mostly, yes! I work with bricks and mortar shop owners, freelance photographers, online business owners selling products and services, women who are in the professional sphere such as psychologists and lawyers, women who coach other women in an array of services and skills, public speakers, artists and creatives who sell their products via their online platforms, at markets or through their agents. 

Most businesses are allowed to promote their services on social media channels other than a few unique ones that may be restricted due to their industry’s regulations.

I only work with businesses that are ethical and practice within the laws and boundaries of their industry.

I’m nervous about using a social media manager and I don’t want to lose control of my accounts.

My testimonials are growing and I can put you in touch with any of my current or previous clients.  I have reviews on Facebook and soon, Google, or give me a call for a more in-depth chat.  99% of my business is by referral from someone I’ve worked with which I feel is the best recommendation I can ask for. 

You also won’t lose access to your account. I work with you while I manage your Social Media. You always retain access and ownership of your pages. You decide how much you want to stay involved. My objective is to make your life easier by saving you the trouble and time of doing all or most of the work involved in creating content and running your social media and email marketing. But you’re still free to post, comment, like and share content whenever you like.

How does social media management work?

Initially, after our first Zoom meeting, I will send you an agreement and two inquiry and marketing assessment forms to complete, which I use to prepare a strategy that suits your business, your goals, needs and expectations. 

You share your social platform logins with me via LastPass, and I set you up in my system with a bespoke social media content calendar and content scheduler shared with you via Google Drive.  

We communicate via Zoom and Asana, and sometimes by phone so you are kept up to date and in the know every step of the way. 

I then share relevant, engaging and interactive content on your social media pages and send you a performance report at the end of each 4 week period when I invoice you. The reports are used to analyse what is working well and what changes and tweaks need to be made to achieve your goals.

What does social media management cost?

I work for a minimum of 2 hours per week per client, at a rate of $50 per hour. I invoice on the last Friday of a four-week period. This can work as a minimum package rate of $400 per four weeks where you can have a bespoke service, a flexi service or a mix of the two. I don’t charge GST and am a self-employed freelancer, so there won’t be any hidden costs on your invoices. I do, however, charge a one-off set-up fee at the beginning of the contract based on two to four hours, and this will be discussed at the outset.

Where are you based?

I work from my dedicated home-office in Springfield Lakes, just 30 minutes west of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. 

I’m a bit clueless about social media and how it will work for my business.

Not a problem. I’ll work with you so that you can understand what’s happening on your pages — and you’ll feel confident reading the monthly reports you’ll receive every 4 weeks. 

Does social media really work?

There is no doubt it works, and it’s the best and cheapest way to market your business. But it does require expertise knowledge, consistent work and regular reviewing of analytics and working processes to succeed. 

Do you provide Facebook or Instagram advertising?

Yes I do. I recommend a minimum spend of $500 per month, but this can depend on what you are looking to achieve such as a consistent flow of website traffic to getting qualified leads delivered to your inbox. And, depending on what industry you work in can have an impact too. 

What else do I need to know?

I am dedicated to my business and my profession, so I aim to give you the very best service possible. I regularly undertake relevant training to stay on top of my game, as well as interact in forums, webinars, social media and business groups.